Pros and Cons of FHA Lending

Pros and Cons of FHA Lending This is Q&A hosted by Alice Alvey President, CMB of Indecomm-Mortgage U for a large group to provide a forum to discuss the pros and cons of FHA Lending. If you haven’t heard of Alice, she is a Master CMB and a well known industry speaker who talks about FHA lending about as much as she talks about her wonderful children. She is the author of many training programs offered through the national MBA and has been a great source of information for many lenders. We’ve given Alice these high level objectives: Highlight why a loan would go FHA if it was eligible for conventional MI – particularly the higher FICOs. What are some compelling reasons not to go FHA. What is the challenge of re-working a loan originated as FHA to conventional and vice versa? (Docs, disclosures, fees.) Are there obstacles in the origination process that simply make FHA a path of least resistance? The call will be recorded so those who aren’t available can still benefit. This session is optional. It’s not a “presentation” and there won’t be a PowerPoint or handouts – it’s a Q&A session. We will open a webinar room solely to use the CHAT space to make sure you can ask questions. Here is the webinar room link: Click here: