Legislative Update 6-6-16

Listen to Alice’s segment here: We have as our special guest on today’s “Hot Topic” segment, William “Bill” Isaac. Bill has unparalleled career and the financial industry and public service, spanning nearly 15 years. He served as the chairman of the FDIC during the crisis of the 1980s and is today a leading commentator and consultant to financial institutions and governments. In 2012, Bill published a book title “Senseless Panic: How Washington Failed America”. In his book, Bill talks about the 2008 economic crisis from a Washington insider’s perspective and outlines how Washington failed America. On today’s program, we will be discussing how senseless over-regulation of the mortgage industry is once again failing Americans. As normal, the first half of the program will feature, Joe Farr of MBSQuoteline providing a rate & market update, Alice Alvey of Indecomm Global Services providing a regulatory & legislative update as well as Paul Muolo of IMF News & Sam Garcia of Mortgage Daily giving us a quick overview of the latest news stories impacting out industry. Please tell others about this program and take a minute to share a link to this program with your friends and associates in the mortgage industry. Thank you, David Lykken LISTEN TO FULL PROGRAM