Mortgage Consulting

Get it straight. Get it right. Get it closed.

Promoting the idea that operational efficiency is attainable whether the company is small or large, high tech or no tech, is part of the Indecomm-Mortgage U Mission. We expect every company to be unique in its philosophy, goals, customer base and systems and we understand the importance of bringing realistic solutions to the table. Indecomm-Mortgage U conducts due diligence, efficiency and compliance reviews for top national banks and mortgage bankers as well as community banks and smaller operations. The solutions we provide in our procedure reviews are why our loyal clients have continued to refer us through the years. We also work with clients on all of the major loan origination systems and assist several LOS providers with meeting regulatory compliance and FHA requirements.

Experience And Vision

  • Experience leading national wholesale and retail operations
  • Exposure to hundreds of mortgage operations each year
  • Effective, long lasting solutions often come from front line staff
  • Risk management is a unique prescription
  • Simplicity is key
  • Process matters!

Areas Of Expertise

  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Operational efficiency from application through loan delivery
  • FHA and VA requirements from application through delivery
  • Federal compliance

“Too busy to comply is the number one cause of audit problems we see in our customers. The fact is, that day to day decision making and diligence will fall victim to short term and often individual goals. Although well intentioned in many cases these decisions cause errors and omissions, repurchase requests and audit problems. We leverage our expertise in operations, compliance, risk management and education to provide a reporting style uniquely superior in communicating what and why problems occur. Our due diligence reviews will not only find the root cause of your problems but also provide a path to close the gaps.”