VA Practical Guide

The Ultimate VA Reference Manual

The most current VA product information in one convenient source

Designed to Replace Your Procedures

va-guide-cover We are pleased to announce the VA Practical Guide is being converted to an electronic version for users! This is in process and will be available soon. For details, contact John Feehan at
Many aspects of VA requirements are not addressed by the automated underwriting systems. Trying to analyze the file and interpret the VA Handbook can be time consuming. You need to get the loan properly documented quickly, and just don’t have the time to read five different chapters of the VA Handbook or spend 30 minutes surfing a variety of web sites to get an answer.
The Indecomm-Mortgage U VA Practical Guide contains the most current VA product information in one convenient location with all of the VA handbook information organized, updated, and at your fingertips. The ultimate source for VA requirements authored by Alice Alvey, CMB Senior Vice President of Indecomm-Mortgage U, Inc is the step-by-step guide plainly written with charts and worksheets for easy reference.
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The Indecomm-Mortgage U VA Practical Guide includes:

  • Information is organized logically, to mirror the mortgage process
  • Reference notes to the VA Handbook and circular letters
  • User-friendly “how-to” format covering every requirement a lender must follow, from Automatic Authority and LAPP through guaranty
  • Information is cross-referenced to provide single points of reference throughout
  • Exclusive worksheets and checklists designed with the novice user in mind
  • “Best practices” for lenders to use as guidance for common procedures and widely accepted standards in the industry
The VA Practical Guide is a perfect resource for mortgage lenders, loan originators, loan processors, underwriters, closers, post-closers, insurers and compliance officers who need to search the specific details of VA loan products.

For Originators

Veterans and active duty military personnel are a great market across the country. No other program offers zero down at a competitive interest rate with easier credit qualifying criteria. The book offers a great way to learn the program at your own pace and have a solid reference book whenever you need it.

For Processors & Underwriters

You already have two monitors and countless documents open at one time. This book makes it easy to find VA requirements from application through closing. Do you need to know the steps to earning a SAR designation? How do you handle partial entitlement? What is the best practice for gift documentation? These and many more questions are answered throughout the guide.

For Closers, Post-Closers & Insurers

You’ll benefit from a pre-closing checklist that identifies every document to be included in the final package. You’ll understand what documents are needed and when throughout the entire loan process.

For Compliance Officers

Over 80 combined years of industry experience enables the authors to identify best practices for you. Tried and true remedies that will help you lower the defect rate in quality control reviews.

An indispensable tool offered with quarterly updates

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