Customized Programs

Instructional Design

Until now, instructional design was a luxury only for large companies with fully staffed, mortgage experienced, training departments. Lenders and brokers of all sizes can now reap the benefits of professional training programs that truly transfer the participant’s ability to meet corporate objectives. We have worked closely with Human Resource and Training Departments to broaden the level of services they can provide.
If you are currently having training done by managers and supervisors involved in day-to-day operations, your program is most likely missing this critical element. An effective training program requires proper design of the activities and materials that will truly change a person’s mind set, level of skill and ability to retain and reference what they have learned. Because MU has created countless training programs for mortgage operations we have the materials ready to build the course(s) you need at no additional charge.

Needs Assessment

shakinghandsAvoid the seemingly endless consulting process (and dollars) most outsiders of the mortgage industry require to identify a path to improvement. Because we focus only on mortgage banking and have worked with all different types of organizations, we can recognize quickly what will work best for your operation. We will not try to treat mortgage customers like widgets, but will listen carefully to your needs and present meaningful ideas.
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We have designed programs for an impressive list of education providers, wholesale lenders, credit unions brokers and banks across the country on topics such as:
In addition to these, and just about any other topic you can think of, all of our training workshops can be customized for your company in a classroom or web based environment.

Indecomm-Mortgage U Course Authors

Our unique authoring style is the one of the keys to our success. Indecomm-Mortgage U instructors are second-to-none and our course materials are developed by an authoring team with a collective 200 years in all aspects of the mortgage business. We have been through the real world challenges of the business and understand your position in it. Indecomm-Mortgage U goes above and beyond to make your learning experience an engaging and enjoyable one while keeping in-step with the times. No time to train? Call us today to discuss how our education programs will compliment any training department. For the growing company, all of our workshops create opportunity to hire people with the right stuff who just need technical polish. Each course contains materials that are uniquely authored to provide workbook, handouts, quizzes and/or reference materials that will serve as a valuable resource for you long after the class is finished.
One of Indecomm-Mortgage U’s specialties is designing Instructor Led On Line Learning courses specific to a company’s education needs. Instructor Led On Line Learning is a unique approach to web based education that combines the convenience of accessing the course on line and the value of having an instructor available to lead discussion and answer questions in a timely manner.
IMU creates a website specifically designed for the course and the company. The course has a specific beginning and ending date depending upon the scope of the curriculum. Courses are typically spread out over 1-5 weeks and students are given a full week to complete a group of assignments and tasks. The student can log on at any time to read the information, complete the assignments and quizzes and participate in the discussion boards. The course work can be printed from the site (in PDF documents or can be read on line. The instructors at IMU monitor the site continually to see that assignments and quizzes are getting done, post announcements and reminders, answer questions that are posted, respond to email questions etc.
The course site provides effective student interaction with large groups at one time and multiple sites can be established for groups of 100 or more. Almost all of our customized programs include a needs assessment and instructional design at no additional charge!
In an industry where constantly changing market conditions dictate your needs, isn’t it nice to know that someone is out there who can step up to the challenge and design the right program at the right time and at the right cost?
If you would like to know more about Instructor Lead On Line Learning please call Indecomm-Mortgage U to discuss your specific needs.