FHA Advanced


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No current dates at this time. Please call 800-278-0200 to be placed on the waiting list.




The perfect follow up to our FHA Fundamentals Workshop, this class completes the training that a Direct Endorsement underwriter candidate needs.

You will learn:

  • How to identify acceptable risk on a FHA loan
  • How to review and complete all necessary forms as an underwriter
  • How to review the appraisal in detail and complete repairs in accordance with FHA requirements
  • Details of new construction, condominiums and manufactured homes
  • Common post closing and insuring issues related to underwriting
  • The session includes ample time for case studies [Bring your own file, if you have one!] and other activites for hands-on learning of file packaging and underwriting. We will also address more detailed information on special property requirements for repairs, new construction, condo's and manufactured housing. Ample time will be provided to address your specific concerns in your FHA market.




(Payment is required in advance, by check or charge by phone at 800-278-0200.)