Performance after training matters. The Indecomm-Mortgage U Team recognizes that students today expect high impact training and quality long term reference materials to improve their skills and advance their career. Here is what people are saying about Indecomm-Mortgage U training.

  Teresa, thanks for the follow up. I wanted to again thank you for a great 3 day session. It so much information but you made the class valuable and struck the perfect balance between getting through the content and helping make sure the folks understood it. Given there is so much on regulations/compliance I was figuring this was going to be a fairly painful 3 days – far from it. Thanks for making the difference.
“To be 100% honest, you’re the only place I’d recommend people going. I’ve taken many of your classes and know the quality of the material you teach. Just let me know when you might have a class. I think it will help alleviate some stress one of our processors is having.” – Scott D. Towne Mortgage
“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your compliance insight with us at the corporate office today. You really made the training fun and informative! Thank you!” – Raymond Jackson, Flagstar  
  “Jackie, please let Alice know that I passed the state and federal tests on my first try today in Lansing. She must be an amazing instructer to get this “newbee” smart enough to pass! lol” – Ron Ebenhoeh  
“I never looked at any kind of mortgage loans or knew anything about them. But after taking the class I passed the test on the first try. Sam was an excellent teacher.” -Jack H
“In response to the forum questions, I wanted to first say that I have been an Underwriter for 30 years and never knew what Post Closing really had to do to get a loan shipped and insured or post closed. Through this class I shipped the first three FHA files and received the MIC on all three. I felt the site for FAQ;s has been very helpful to me over the years as an underwriter and there are sections to assist in any line of the mortgage business. The FHA Resource Center personally, I think does nothing more that read from the guidelines the same thing we already read. If we did not need to talk to an underwriter or appraiser we would not have called them to being with. I feel to me that the most helpful site has been the HOC reference guide . There are numerous areas that this covers . I believe that the information provided by Indecomm-Mortgage U is even more helpful to me . It is easy to understand the procedures required for the Post closing and insuring of a file. I will never be doing the closing but the information was there to review.
I just wanted to thank Indecomm-Mortgage U for the guidance and opportunity to learn what I have learned. ”
– Barbara Smith
Hi, Amy, “I wanted to thank you for the great job you did with our 24 hour class last week! Without taking your class, I’m not sure how I’d have done on the exam. I took the test last night and passed – whew! I’d say it was a bit easier than I had talked myself into thinking it might be!
Anyway, I’m glad it’s over, and glad you taught me enough to survive the exam. Now maybe I can make a few bucks off all the applications I’ve taken this week! It was a pleasure meeting you, Amy. Thanks again for your help.
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation again for your teaching in the class and your very special help outside the class. Looking backward, I found it amazing that I came as a brand new outsider who knew so little about mortgage business and mortgage industry 4 months ago, to the stage today passing this very difficult exam. I must admit you played a major role on this.
Once again, thank you so much! ” – Ken R
“Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for all your help in preparing for the mortgage exam. I passed the test today on the first try and definitely would not have except for the preparation prior to the effort. The webinar and accompanying material along with the suggested readings proved invaluable and extremely effective.It is my fondest hope that M/U provides future mortgage classes to satisfy the 6 hours of continued education required annually by the State.
I will most certainly participate! So again, thank you and to Indecomm-Mortgage U!! ”
— Dave S
“The two instructors, Sam and Amy know the subject material inside out. You get a thick binder of various subject matters with tabs and a lot of handouts. We had excellent 2-way discussions throughout the course. We were given case studies, quite a few quizzes (and explanation of answers subsequently), and background and ways to tackle the MI and Fed laws (e.g., why, what, focus, penalties, etc.). We also were warned about the wording of questions in that there will be a lot of “double negatives” so the answers can be exactly opposite.
In short, I recommend taking the course highly! ”
— Ken M
“Just finished 3 days of required training along with Ken of the Brighton Office at Eastern Michigan.
Regardless of test, I thought the class, teachers, and materials were truly excellent and would highly recommend.
In my earlier life, I helped run a NYSE REIT with 1000 employees and we had an internal Bay University to train, and was duly impressed. This was A+ and well worth the $. ” — Gary P
“Good afternoon, Alice.
It was such a pleasure to have met you and listen to your presentation. There are so many folks providing presentations on FHA and FHA programs but are not quite giving the full and accurate message. Yours was great. Imagine an FHA/HUD employee sitting through 16 hours of FHA and being pleased with what they heard and how it was delivered and not bored to tears. Thank you, and I hope we will see each other in the future at maybe a presentation I do next time.
Thank you again for allowing us to sit in and observe.”
Nancy E. West Marketing and Outreach Specialist U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Santa Ana Homeownership Center  

Testimonials Years Later

“I took your class 6 years ago and I am transitioning to a new company and need help. I remember your knowledge and you said we could call at any time with questions so here I am! I am an originator and want to leave the bank I am at for a new bank. What can I expect in the transition? Will they kick me out the same day? Do I get my commission on deals in the pipeline?”… After we provided some insight he was very grateful. “ I had no one to turn to in this confidential and difficult situation and we lived up to our promise!”
“I remember you guys said we could call at any time. I just hear a loan officer talk to a borrower about putting together fraudulent gift documentation! I am not sure what is right or wrong and would like your opinion on the scenario.”
We are not lawyers or counselors but we will support all of our students with interpretations of industry practices when they get in the field.