8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive CE – Compliance Review, Identity Theft Red Flags Rule, Basics of Origination, and HMDA NMLS# 6371

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Course Description


The objective of this course is to provide the requirements of the continuing education credits required by the S.A.F.E. Act.  This course complies with the requirement of the 3 hours on Federal Compliance, 2 hours on Consumer Protection or Fraud, 1 hour on General Education (Elective), and 2 hours on Non-traditional Mortgage Products 


Course Goals and Objectives

·         Discuss what RESPA covers and the objectives of RESPA
·         Understand the prohibited practices under Section 8
·         Describe the disclosures required by RESPA
·         Explain the Fair Housing Act and the respective prohibited basis
·         Compare the Fair Housing Act with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
·         Know the prohibited basis under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
·         Detail the types of lending discrimination recognized by the legal system
·         Know basic mortgage interview steps to get the full story every time
·         List common application interview mistakes
·         Understand what to expect for the 2018 revised loan application
·         List tips for a quality, accurate and fair application
·         State ways to stay on track of your pipeline
·         Understand the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule
·         Be able to define a qualified mortgage
·         Know how to determine a borrower’s ability to repay a loan
·         List the total points and fees limitations for 2016
·         Accurately document a borrower’s employment history
·         Analyze and compute income to be used for qualifying
·         Properly determine the elements used to calculate qualifying  ratios
·         Understand basic information for self-employed borrowers
·         Calculate the borrower’s required assets to close a residential mortgage
·         Verify acceptable documentation and source of funds for loan closing
·         Understand maximum seller contributions
·         Describe what a credit score is and the components of a credit score
·         Understand the rules for qualifying for a new mortgage when the borrower has had a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past





$149.00 (includes $12.00 NMLS Fee)