Responsible Selling

Created with both beginners and those with experience in mind, this course is part of a series of self-guided online courses that will provide a detailed analysis of mortgage banking rules and regulations. Our content development experts have created the ultimate comprehensive online mortgage banking course experience.


The objective of this course is to provide the framework for responsible selling and ethical standards for mortgage lending. The course covers the following objectives:


- Overview of Responsible Selling

- Define how responsible selling works in mortgage lending

- Know the characteristics for irresponsible selling

- High Pressure Sales Tactics

- Analyzing high pressure sales tactics

- Define the responsibility to give full disclosure to an applicant

- Know how to maintain confidentiality with a customer

- Pricing a Loan Fairly

- Analyze the importance of accuracy at application

- Determine if a thorough review of an applicant was completed

- Outline the rules for a rate lock agreement

- Know how to offer appropriate terms and features for the customer