SAFE Act and Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing Rules

This self-guided online course will provide a detailed analysis of the SAFE Act and Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing rules. This course is not state specific. It reviews terminology from the SAFE Act, licensing requirements, education details, and ways to remain in compliance with the SAFE Act.


The course covers the following objectives:

- Describe the terminology found in the SAFE Act

- Identify the individuals who must be licensed and those who are exempt

- Evaluate the criminal history and background check guidelines

- Assess the course education requirements for pre-licensing and continuing education

- Explain the guidelines for surety bonds, minimum net worth, or paying into a state fund

- Understand the components for the renewal of a license

- Describe the enforcement authority for this Act

- Determine if a practice is considered prohibited under the Act

- Specify the penalties for noncompliance


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